INTO THE WOODS to Feature Tituss Burgess and Arielle Jacobs. Full Casting Announced!

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"DreamCatcher Theatre will present INTO THE WOODS in partnership with the Adrienne Arsht Center as part of their Theater Up Close Season. INTO THE WOODS will play at the Carnival Studio Theater with performances beginning January 22, 2015.

The company will feature Broadway stars Tituss Burgess(starring in the upcoming Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) as The Witch and Arielle Jacobs (In the Heights) as The Baker's Wife.



INTO THE WOODS takes place in the fairytale kingdom of the Brothers Grimm where, once upon a time, a baker (J.J. Caruncho) and his wife (Arielle Jacobs*) were sent on a quest into the woods by a mysterious witch (Tituss Burgess*). Thrust into a world of magic and adventure, they find their story intertwined with a group of legendary characters including Cinderella (Annemarie Rosano), Little Red Riding Hood (Magan Dee Yantko), and a certain young man named Jack (Bruno Vida) who has some very magical beans. Sondheim's brilliant lyrics and gorgeous music, paired with Lapine's captivating book, make this Tony Award-winning Broadway musical about wishes, chasing your dreams, and the importance of the stories we tell our children both magical and deeply touching.

The company of INTO THE WOODS will also feature J.J Caruncho*, Annemarie Rosano*, Magan Dee Yantko, Bruno VidaLaura Turnbull*, Laura Hodos*, Cristina Flores, Elaine Flores, Marina PiresJustin John Moniz*, Matthew JanisseElizabeth Dimon*, Jeni Hacker*, Oscar Cheda*, Roland Rusinek*, Wayne LeGette*, Kelsey Flynn and Annette Navarro. (*members of Actors Equity)

The musical's creative team features direction by JUSTIN FORTUNATO; music direction by ROBERT NEUMEYER; choreography by Kiesha Lalama; conducted by RON CASTONGUAY; set design by APRIL SOROKO; costume design by ALBERTO ARROYO; lighting design by BRYAN KASCHUBE; sound design by RICH SZCZUBLEWSKI; and prop design by JODI DELLAVENTURA.

DreamCatcher Theatre was founded by brother-sister team Natalie & J.J. Caruncho as an artist-driven company of the deep belief that the stories we choose to tell, and how we choose to tell them, truly matter. "Come dream with us."

Tickets to INTO THE WOODS are $50* and may be purchased through the Adrienne Arsht Center box office by calling (305) 949-6722 or online at For more, go to or follow @DCTdreamteam."

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You know those girls. You've seen them walking around New York City. 

They look like they woke up and just look like that. And I'm not talking about the model glamazons that roam the streets of New York. There are certainly a lot of very pretty folks in this here city. But there are also these girls! That just are stylish! They have a fashion that looks easy. That looks unplanned. Not off the runway, or edgy. The look, to me, says 'I just woke up and grabbed these things. My eyes were actually closed. I made coffee instead of fussing about makeup. I may throw on some mascara. I didn't have time to do my hair, but I slept in a bun, so that'll be fine.'

THOSE girls. 

Well there's one downstairs. In my building.


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On April 22nd, my brother and I launched our new company....

DreamCatcher Theatre.

We are thrilled to be starting an adventure which will be focused on finding stories worth telling and telling them. Finding fellow artists that speak the same artistic language and get in a room with them to see what happens. Our first project is INTO THE WOODS which will be presented at the Adrienne Arsht Center's Carnival Studio Theater as part of their Theater Up Close Season. We could not be more excited. 

We have just announced round one of our auditions which will take place July 12-14, 2014 in Miami, FL at the Arsht Center. CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS. 

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